I try to write awesome stuff

Once in a while I succeed.

So it turns out that GitHub gives you a little piece of web space to showcase your cool stuff. I decided that I should take advantage of it and show off some of the prettier things I've got hosted here.

I should point out though that this isn't my website. Stuff like my blog and image gallery can always be found at danielquinn.org.


Gentoo Thanks

A simple way to find and thank the amazing people that help build and maintain Gentoo Linux.

I <3 Gentoo Linux, but I'm not blessed with the patience and skill required to stay on top of things like package releases and bug reports. Regardless, I've been a devoted Gentoo user since 2000 and I've had few opportunities to give back to all of the fabulous people that make Gentoo awesome.


Other Projects

Not everything is pretty enough to have a big background image.


Scan and index all of your paper documents. Say goodbye to paper.

Gentoo Surface Pro 3

I'm maintaining a repo on Gentoo build information for my Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Python & Django for PHP Nerds

A workshop I designed and presented at DjangoCon Europe.

RIPE Atlas Sagan

A parser for results from the RIPE Atlas project.

RIPE Atlas Tools

A command-line toolkit for the RIPE Atlas project.

Bitcoin Donate

Quick and easy bitcoin donations for any website.

Django Markers

A dynamic map-marker generator for Django and other Python projects.


Use Python to talk to PHP-based systems.

Perfect Stranger

A means of helping people break out of their respective social media bubbles.

There's other stuff too

My GitHub account has a bunch of older projects that I keep around for kicks.